Team Leader Job Description

Job Description:    Team Leader

Responsible to:     Project Manager / Operations Manager

Accountable:         Director of Operations

Pay Grade:            (£8.80 > £9.80 per hour)

Meet the service specification for the Event or Festival in question by team leading and effectively oversee the running of the contract and site. Managing shift changes and handovers to other Team Leaders and dealing with any staff issues in a professional and objective manner. From time to time you will be working away from home, helping to or deputising and co-ordinating staff in positions to ensure the job is being completed to the highest of standards.

Hours of duty: as required to fulfil the requirements of the post. This is dependant based on the project (event) assigned and the shift requirements for that project.

Principle Responsibilities:
•    Attend meeting and training days scheduled by the DC office
•    Take the lead at events should a Project Manager not be required
•    Lead the project by working on your own initiative
•    Familiarise yourself with the project pack, staffing lists, suppliers and event schedule pre-event as appropriate
•    Arrive onsite before the crew are due, providing an onsite contact
•    Ensure staff are on their position/working on time and wearing the correct uniform and PPE.
•    Co-ordinate staff so breaks are organised effectively without a reduction in the service provided
•    Maintain communication with the onsite manager or operations office in the event of any significant incidents, accidents or occurrences
•    Ensure each staff member is conducting the job effectively and safely (in keeping with company H&S policy)
•    Dealing with minor staff grievances/problems in a professional and acceptable manner
•    Assist staff or arrange re-allocation when workloads are proving heavy
•    Liaise with the shift/project Manager as to progress, problems etc.   
•    Ensure staff hours are recorded correctly
•    Respond efficiently to calls/complaints from organisers or DC Site Services management
•    Conduct any handovers and liaise with appropriate manager
•    Lead by example by ensuring your personal uniform and PPE is correct and relevant, and by getting involved in the work you are asking your team to complete
•    Be open in communication with your line manager about any issues you feel you are struggling with
•    Remain confident, cool and approachable with all staff and members of the general public/clients
•    Provide the next Team Leader following yourself with a full handover of the day’s events, delivering a short bullet point list of any issues that arose
•    Ensure that all uniform, equipment and PPE is collected and accounted for at the end of the event  

Employees/ Staff development and training:
•    Ensure that company policy and procedures, business objectives, company philosophy and code of conduct are implemented
•    Ensure the delivery of quality services which meets both service specification and ISO standards
•    Ensure that staff is deployed to the best effect by using your initiative
•    Provide support & guidance to other managers, team leaders and staff
•    Be involved in the on-site training of staff, including individual event/festival briefings for all project sites
•    Positively reinforcing successful performance, giving respectful and encouraging coaching as appropriate

•    Effectively manage your DCSS PAAM profile and applications and be aware of earlier arrival times to assist with setup of welfare facilities (if appropriate)
•    Be familiar with the event information pack provided to all crew provided pre-event
•    Ensure all relevant paperwork is completed to high standards ready for handover to the office/following shift Team Leader
•    Ensure all crew on your team have signed their timesheets before departing the site
•    Participate in the investigation and/or hearing of disciplinary and grievance issues as required
•    Be sure to maintain and complete appropriate paperwork should any accidents, incidents or occurrences need to be recorded while onsite

•    Ensure the staff experience by being ready and punctual to all meeting points and briefings with crew
•    Ensure the DC Health & Safety policy, legislation, regulations, policy and procedures are adhered to at all times to safeguard your own and the crew’s wellbeing, and ensuring the safe and happy working environment for our crew, customers and contractors
•    Ensure you maintain positive, effective and professional relationships with the other crew
•    Respond to any project/service specification or resource shortfalls as per the onsite manager’s instructions
•    Be available to your Project Manager at all times while on shift. While off shift, make sure you are contactable
•    Maintain every aspect of confidentiality relating to the event/festival, staff and the company
•    Be well presented/groomed and maintain company uniform when representing the company

This job description is not prescriptive and may be changed in consultation with the post holder to meet the changing needs of the role and business.

Personal Specification:
•    Experience working in the event industry
•    Experience with litter picking and/or commercial cleaning
•    Experience coordinating small to medium sized teams in the workplace
•    Good written and verbal communication skills
•    Be prepared to work for long periods of time away from home
•    Basic working knowledge of standard computer software packages (Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint or equivalent).
•    Desirable: GCSE’s grade A-D in English, Science’s and Math or equivalent
•    Desirable: Full UK driving license

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