Anything else I should bring?

The list of things you could bring is endless! But please bear in mind you may have to walk all this kit to the campsite from the local train station or car park etc.

Below is a list of items we recommend:

  • Event information and contact details
  • If you're travelling via public transport - bring your tickets! Or, why not give lift-sharing a go? Hit the DC Site Services Lift Share Group on Facebook
  • Money and cash card – remember to keep these with you at all times, don't leave them in your tent
  • ID (Passport/ID Card/NI card/Driving license) – again remember to keep these with you at all times
  • Your entitlement to work documents – if you are working with us for the first time please bring these otherwise you will not be allowed to work until shown.
  • Tent, sleeping bag, blanket, and a pillow
  • Mobile phone & charger – switch off your phone or put it in power saving mode when you're on shift and when you are not using it - your battery will last longer and you'll be doing the environment a favour too. You can also bring a battery pack from home which will save you looking for electricity later. We recommend solar battery packs as these are more environmentally friendly and usually have more than one charge.
  • Medication and home remedies
  • Sun cream and a hat – you'll be in direct sunlight (hopefully!) all day
  • Bottle or can opener for those hard-earned food and beverages after your shift.
  • Tissues and loo roll – try to buy the recycled type
  • Torch – everything looks different at night and that floral tent you bought thinking you'd be the only one with it... Seems everyone else had the same idea!
  • Toiletries and a towel
  • Biodegradable wet wipes for when you just can't be bothered with a shower!
  • Sunglasses
  • Bin bags – put your clothes in one as you pack so they stay dry during the weekend. Try to buy recycled and re-use the plastic bags you bring your shopping in. If you do need more you can get bin bags and recycling bags from one of the many litter and recycling points around the music festival site or just pop in to see the litter team in the crew area and ask nicely.
  • Small camping stove and pans to cook in.
  • Small gas canisters – please don't put gas canisters on fires as you'll be endangering yourself, other people, damaging the environment and endangering the future of the festival. (Some Events and Festivals do not allow gas cannisters so please check their terms and conditions before bringing them.)
  • A mug, bowl, plate, spoon, knife & fork – bring reusable picnic sets if you can, rather than using stacks of the plastic disposable type.
  • Washing up liquid (for the above) - try to buy the environmentally friendly type.
  • Water container – buy a large, empty water container from a camping shop that you can fill from the water points or buy one large bottle of water and re-fill this. Please don't burn your plastic bottles as they release toxic chemicals when burnt.
  • Teabags & coffee.
  • A sense of humour and an open mind!
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