How and when will I find out if I have a position at a festival or event?

All applications and their status can be seen from the overview page of your ‘DCSS PAAM’ account. It lists each application you have made, next to this is a status bar that will tell you how your application is getting on.

Make sure you check back regularly to view your application status, even after being accepted for an event this page will still change with your team information and there may be specific info for your team here!

Applications are not considered until the following is complete:

- Your profile is up to date including all your ‘right to work’ documents, tax declaration and photo.

Applications are not often refused, if yours has been, it is normally for one of the following reasons:

- You don’t have the correct qualifications to meet the criteria of the event. (Some events you need specific qualifications normally listed in the blue info button on DCSS PAAM)
- If it is discovered you have been banned from working by DC Site Services, another Festival/Event staffing organisation or the Event Promoters that DC Site Services is working with.
- You fail a ‘PNC check

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