Have you any advice regarding the campsites?

Even in the crew campsites thieves are present.

If you have any concerns about your safety in the campsite camp somewhere well lit or near to an office.

Introduce yourself to those around you, show them where your tent is, stick a funny flag on it so it's easy for them to see, and ask them to keep an eye out. They will.

Setup a neighbourhood watch system, it may sound naff but experience shows that the best and friendliest campsites are the ones with people in that make the effort to do so. More friends to party with too!

Report anything or anyone suspicious to your supervisor – you can do this anonymously if you wish - it's one of the things the supervisors are there for!

Don't put a padlock on your tent as this will invite thieves.

Don't bury your valuables by your tent as someone is bound to be watching.

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