What kind of clothes should I bring?

Weather at outdoor Events & Festivals can change even between breakfast and lunch! You should be prepared for the cold, wind and rain as much as the hot/dry. It is likely you will be spending a lot of time on your feet so sensible, comfortable, black footwear is a must.

Below is an example of items we would strongly recommend that you bring:
• A waterproof Jacket or Pac-a-mac - not very sexy but you'll look better wearing that than a bin bag if it rains
• A jumper/fleece
• 2 or more pairs of dark, lightweight trousers that dry quickly
• A hat and sunglasses (there might not be much shade at your position)
• Lots of walking socks
• Black coloured comfortable and suitable walking shoes or boots. (NO FLIPFLOPS!!)
• High boots such as wellies or work boots
• Thermal layers, these are great and we all use them
• Flip-flops (although you can't work in them so bring some boots and/or trainers too).
• Clothing for all seasons – even in a heat wave it gets cold at night.
• Bikini or trunks for the showers.

More suggestions: Anything else I should bring?

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