You must wear dark trousers/shorts and dark, comfortable footwear. Though it is advisable to bring shorts, if you appear wearing those crazy Hawaiian shorts your friends think are cool, we will ask you to change. You may find that your clothes get muddy or wet – make sure you bring spares. Your new air max’s won’t look so good after a generous coating of mud; bring weather appropriate footwear and clothing.

We provide our staff with uniform so you look professional whilst at work. Your uniform may also keep you safe when performing your job role.

Standard Traffic Management uniform includes a long sleeved hi-vis top. We will provide a hi-vis DC coat if the weather is cold or wet. 

Standard Litter/Waste Management uniform involves a green polo top with the DC logo and an orange hi-vis if required. 

You must return all uniform before leaving site to the appropriate staff member responsible for collecting uniform. We keep a record of all uniform we distribute to staff. We don’t enjoy it but if any uniform is lost or not returned, we will be forced to withhold a portion of wages. So, look after your uniform!


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