Below is some guidance for new staff when working at their first event: 

  • During the briefing you will be told what hours you will be working and who your Team Leader is.
  • Make sure you take your Team Leader’s phone number in case of emergency.
  • Your Team Leader will be coordinating breaks, recording the hours worked and dealing with your grievances. They will give you a short briefing which is specific to you.
  • Should an incident occur, your Team Leader should be the first person you contact if you do not have a radio or are unsure on how to proceed with a situation.
  • During the briefing, welfare facilities will be pointed out to you. It will serve you well to know where the nearest showers, toilets and catering facilities are.
  • You will be shown where to sign in and out at the beginning and end of each shift, this may be a cabin, caravan or tent.
  • You must sign in and out, if you do not we cannot confirm how many hours you have worked and therefore you may be paid for less hours than you actually worked.
  • You will be issued with DC Site Services uniform; this is typically a green polo top and hi-vis tabard for litter shows and a long-sleeved fluorescent traffic top for traffic events. We issue uniform to ensure all our staff look smart, are clearly indefinable and safe whilst working. Look after your uniform, loss may incur a deduction of pay.
  • Additionally, you may be issued equipment to enable you to do your job. You must sign your equipment in and out with your Team Leader or admin staff on site. Look after any equipment issued, you are liable to charges for any loss or damage.
  • At some shows you will be issued with meal tokens, ensure that you do not lose these as you will not be able to receive a replacement.
  • We cannot reiterate enough that you need to take care of yourself, bring enough snacks, water, sun-cream/a hat and anything else you may require for comfort or welfare purposes on shift. Your Team Leader will endeavour to help you where possible however your basic welfare is your own responsibility first and foremost. It may be advantageous to identify your closest water taps/toilets and other basic facilities in the area where you are working. If you are working in an isolated area with no facilities around then make sure your Team Leader is aware so that they can plan accordingly.
  • You will begin work at the time your shift begins, this means that you must be on position ready to start work at that time. This may require you to sign in earlier in order to be able to be transported to your position in time to start work. Consider how long it will take you to get to your designated work area- leave ample time to sign in and prepare for work.
  • We value punctuality. If you are late relieving someone, this will affect their finishing time and you are less likely to be chosen to work again. You will be sanctioned for persistent tardiness.
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