DC Site Services Code of Conduct for Staff


Unless expressly stated otherwise the following definitions shall apply to the terms used in these terms and conditions:

(1) DC SITE SERVICES Ltd whose place of business is at Fenland District Industrial Estate, Station Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2EY. Registered office is Belmont, Wycombe, Road Studley Green, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 3XB, United Kingdom. Registered in England & Wales, Cardiff 28 May 1993. Company No. 2821530 (hereinafter referred to as "DC SITE SERVICES").

Any of the following including the aiding and abetting of others constitutes a breach of the DC Site Services Terms and Conditions of employment and/or voluntary position.

  1. Failure to comply with the DC SITE SERVICES Terms and Conditions; Policies and Procedures; Instructions; Policies and Procedures and instructions of DC SITE SERVICES clients.
  2. Neglecting to complete a required task promptly and diligently, without sufficient cause.
  3. Leaving a position without permission or without sufficient cause.
  4. Making or signing any false statements, of any description.
  5. Destroying, altering or erasing documents, records or electronic data without permission or through negligence.
  6. Divulging matters confidential to DC SITE SERVICES and/or its clients, either past or present, without permission.
  7. Soliciting or receipt of gratuities or other consideration from any person, or failure to account for keys, money or property received in connection with the business of DC SITE SERVICES or DC SITE SERVICES clients.
  8. Incivility to persons encountered in the course of duties or misuse of authority in connection with the business of DC SITE SERVICES or DC SITE SERVICES clients.
  9. Conduct in a manner likely to bring discredit to DC SITE SERVICES, a fellow employee, DC SITE SERVICES clients, or DC SITE SERVICES client's customers.
  10. Use of uniform, equipment or identification without permission.
  11. Reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol or restricted drugs, or use of these whilst on duty.
  12. Failure to notify DC SITE SERVICES immediately of any: i) Conviction for a criminal and/or motoring offence; ii) Indictment for any offence that may affect your work with DC SITE SERVICES; iii) Police caution or legal summons that may affect your work with DC SITE SERVICES.
  13. Permitting unauthorised access to premises; event site; place of work.
  14. Not maintaining agreed standards of appearance; identification; and deportment whilst at work.