DC Site Services Terms and Conditions for Staff

Updated January 2020




Unless expressly stated otherwise the following definitions shall apply to the terms used in these terms and conditions:


(1) DC SITE SERVICES Ltd whose place of business is at Fenland District Industrial Estate, Station Road, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2EY. Registered office is Belmont, Wycombe, Road Studley Green, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 3XB, United Kingdom. Registered in England & Wales, Cardiff 28 May 1993.

Company No. 2821530 (hereinafter referred to as "DC SITE SERVICES").


(2) Applications are processed online via the DC SITE SERVICES instance of the PAAM Event Management Software (hereinafter referred to as "DCSS PAAM").


(3) When working with DC SITE SERVICES all employees must sign-in at the DC SITE SERVICES onsite office by the Event Specific Sign-In time and Date as specified in DCSS PAAM. The event specific sign-in time and date hereinafter referred to as "ESSID".


(4) Following application via DCSS PAAM and approval; if you are allocated a position via DCSS PAAM you wish to cancel you must cancel the position both in writing (post and/or email) and by cancelling the position via the cancel function within your DC SITE SERVICES PAAM account

(hereinafter referred to as "CANCEL" "CANCELLED"; "CANCELLATION"; "CANCELLING").




If you have any queries regarding the DC SITE SERVICES Terms and Conditions you are advised to contact us by email or in writing before submitting your application.


By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing to abide by the DC SITE SERVICES:


  1. Terms and Conditions;
  2. Code of Conduct;
  3. Policies and Procedures;
  4. Client Rules and Regulations.


By completing and submitting an application you are agreeing to the following:


  1. Submission of your email address to the DC SITE SERVICES newsletter and DCSS PAAM account notifications database and payroll software.


  1. Any photographs; video; sound recordings taken of you or by you may be used by DC SITE SERVICES and the clients of DC Site Services for any promotional purposes.


  1. For the safety of the general public prior to arrival, onsite your personal details will be passed to the event organiser, who may also share this information for a Police National Computer (PNC) check.


  1. If your performance is deemed less than satisfactory by DC SITE SERVICES; you may be taken off our approved list, thus unable to apply for further positions with DC SITE SERVICES This information may be passed to the festival organiser and their suppliers, contractors and other festival and event organisers.


When working as an employee of DC SITE SERVICES you are working under a Zero-Rated Temporary employment contract. The specifics of positions with DC SITE SERVICES vary dependent on the event and role. The initial briefing and training sessions at each event form part of your employment contract, as does your agreement to work with DC SITE SERVICES for the duration of the event. Any failure on the employee's part to meet with their terms of employment; the DC SITE SERVICES Terms and Conditions;  Code of Conduct; Policies and Procedures; DC SITE SERVICES Client’s/Site Rules and Regulations; will result in disciplinary action; the requirement to pay any costs to DC SITE SERVICES that may have been incurred, and in the employee being taken off the approved list. Further details regarding your employment are posted onto DCSS PAAM for each event in the form of the assignment from part of the employment statement of particulars.


Borders and Immigration - proving your right to work in the UK


To undertake any paid or unpaid work in the UK, you must have the right to work either through your citizenship or a work visa. Under the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act of 2006 DC SITE SERVICES is required to check your right to work before we can allow you to start work or commence any employment.


Before you can start working with us, you will need to produce documentation to prove you have this right. If you do not produce this documentation, we cannot employ you.


Please answer the questions and attach copies of your documents to your DCSS PAAM Profile in order to get your application approved, on your first assignment you will need to bring your original documents for verification and your DCSS PAAM profile will be updated. 


For more information please see the documents available here which is the summary guidance for employers December 2010 which includes the full list of valid documents.


Employment Rights Act


Together with these terms and conditions, please see your employment "Statement of particulars" and/or "Assignment agreement". Published on the event information section for each named event you are approved and allocated on DCSS PAAM.


Any offer for employment agreement and CONFIRMATION of position are temporary and may be withdrawn at any time due to any of the following reasons:


  1. DC SITE SERVICES does not gain a contract of services at named event;


  1. The named event does not take place or is cancelled;


  1. You are in breach of the DC SITE SERVICES Terms & Conditions; Code of Conduct; Policies and Procedures and or Client/Site Rules and Regulations.


If you are dissatisfied with any disciplinary decision you should apply in the first instance to the Office Manager. You should make your application by contacting the office manager, who will document your conversation.


If you have a grievance about your employment you should apply in the first instance to the Office Manager.  You should make your application in writing to the principle place of business


Working on and Access to Sites


All DC SITE SERVICES staff must camp within the crew area specified by the event's DC SITE SERVICES, when camping is available. Unless living locally and travelling in and out each day.


All DC SITE SERVICES staff will be issued with an appropriate pass by the Event Promoter. This pass will enable the wearer to access those areas relevant to the position and responsibilities allocated. When off-shift and where authorised by the License Holder this pass may be used to

access and participate in the event's public activities under the Terms and Conditions of the License. Any pass allocated will remain the property of the License Holder at all times. The misuse of this pass constitutes a breach of your Terms and Conditions with DC SITE SERVICES.