Job Description:        Crew Member

Responsible to:         Team Leader

Accountable:             Office Manager and Operations Managers                                   

DC Site Services operates on project (event) based work. This means that job roles vary depending on the site and the contract obtained by DC Site Services. Listed below are some of the standard job roles however this is not a fully comprehensive list and jobs may occur outside of these categories.  


DC Site Services has been contracted to provide the following services at this event. Please click the title for the full job description of each role. 

Cleaning & Sanitising Attendant

  • Cleaning of surfaces, windows and furniture
  • Vacuuming of carpets and mopping/sweeping of hard floors
  • Clearance of rubbish & waste
  • Any other reasonable cleaning duties
  • Disinfecting touch points
  • Distributing PPE
  • Restocking hand sanitiser
  • Any other reasonable sanitising duties 

Toilet Attendant

  • Cleaning of surfaces, windows and furniture
  • Mopping/sweeping of hard floors
  • Stocking up toilets with consumables (toilet roll etc.)
  • Cleaning basins, toilets & floors
  • Clearance of rubbish & waste
  • Any other reasonable cleaning duties

Traffic Marshall

  • Ensure the smooth movement of traffic through the site or car park
  • Ensure traffic is moving but at the correct speed limit
  • Park cars quickly and efficiently
  • Check vehicle passes where appropriate
  • Escort vehicles through crowded areas
  • Be vigilant of possible hazards or issues and report to your supervisor 

Event Steward

  • Assist the public where necessary
  • Be the ‘face’ of the event answering questions from the public.
  • Assist the public in emergency situations
  • Keeping a watchful eye for inappropriate/criminal activity and report accordingly.

Recycling, Litter & Waste Management

  • Monitor waste levels in bins, change full bin bags and remove to waste compound when necessary
  • Litter pick ground/seating areas
  • Empty large back of house bins
  • Sort general waste from recyclable materials

Site Crew/Labourer

  • Erect fencing, barriers, decorations etc
  • Follow instructions from the site manager
  • Assist with site breakdown following the event
  • Perform manual handling duties where required
  • Any reasonable maintenance duties as required

CSAS & Street works (accredited staff only)

  • Implement the event management plan
  • Follow directions from the Traffic Manager
  • Direct vehicles as per CSAS Accreditation
  • Install traffic signs, traffic lights, traffic cones and diversion routes
  • Enforce TTRO's and implement signage plans

You may be asked to perform additional duties whilst onsite.

Principle Responsibilities:

  • Turn up to work on time 30 minutes before your shift begins
  • Conduct the role to the instruction of your supervisor and assist them in completing the task
  • Ensure you wear all uniform and PPE correctly as instructed in your induction
  • Adhere to the DC Site Services ‘Code of Conduct’ at all times. (Found on our website).
  • Keep clear communication with your supervisor as to your progress and report if you feel the task is too great for you.
  • Ensure your working hours are recorded correctly
  • Respond efficiently to calls/requests from your supervisor or other senior staff members.

Essential Requirements for Applicants

  • Good spoken English
  • Basic written English
  • Good work ethic
  • Can be trusted to work unsupervised for short periods of time
  • Be prepared to work for long periods of time away from home

Desirable Requirements for Applicants

  • Experience working in the event industry
  • Experience working in commercial cleaning


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