Festival Hints and Tips Part II

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2022

As Yoda once said, ‘Always pass on what you have learned.’

Scott and Summer are back with Part II of their Festival Hints and Tips. If Part I passed you by, click here to catch up.

Keep reading for more useful insights…

Weather Considerations

  1. Don’t trust any waterproof jackets to be totally waterproof. They may keep you dry but the phone in your pocket would not agree!
  2. Never trust the weather. It’s very tempting to leave your shoes and other items outside your tent when its blazing hot but you may regret it in the morning when they’re covered in dew. 
  3. Close your tent when you start your shift. This may seem obvious, but you would be amazed how many people return to flooded tents.

General Advice

  1. We don’t want to sound like your mum but waking up early is honestly very rewarding. You’ll be first in the food queue, have time for a shower and be able to enjoy a brew without making your team late.
  2. Don’t party too hard on the first night, everyone makes that mistake, save your energy for when the festival/event kicks off.
  3. Bring your own alcohol, bars at festivals are REALLY expensiveDrink responsibly though, working with a hangover is not advisable.
  4. You may be wearing the same uniform for days at a time so it goes without saying personal hygiene is a must.
  5. Take your Team Leaders phone number- you may need to get in contact with them during your shift.
  6. We understand that putting down your tent after a festival or event can be exhausting but after witnessing the devastation left over from a festival first-hand; respect the environment, take your tent home.


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Thank you... and thank you for this year. At a residents meeting in Remenham last week with all the promoters in the area, Rewind, Swim, Regatta, Copas and Festival the residents complained about everyone except they said the Festival traffic was perfect and should be an example to all the others. So well done!

John Harris
Henley Festival