Festival Hints and Tips Part I

Posted on Friday, February 11, 2022

Are you looking forward to the festival season yet?

Operations Manager Scott and festival-hardened Administrator Summer, have racked their brains to come up with some useful tips to make the most of the festival/event experience and avoid some of the not-so-obvious pitfalls. Heed their advice, it may save your skin when working at an event or festival.

Shower Etiquette

  1. Always have a shower when you can - don’t put it off until the morning as you may get up and find the shower has disappeared.
  2. Have your shower at a time when most people won’t- the last half hour before your shift begins will be the time everyone else is waiting too!
  3. Be respectful that there may be other people waiting- you may enjoy a twenty-minute shower at home but there could be thirty people all waiting to use that one shower by the time you're finished!
  4. Remember your belongings when you leave the shower - if you leave your shower gel behind its highly unlikely it will be there when you get back.
  5. Hang your clothes up - if you leave them on the floor there is a good chance that after your shower they will be as wet as you are!

Essential Items

  1. Keep some bin bags in your tent at all times. You can use these to put wet clothes in overnight at the end of the shift or to cover your possessions if you’re worried your tent may leak!
  2. Bring your own toilet roll. Just because.
  3. Don’t choose a tent because it is easy to put up, the main offender being the classic pop-up tent, look for a tent with high xxxxmm - the higher the figure, the more waterproof the tent.
  4. You should ideally aim for 4000mm as this will be less likely to let water in. You will be eternally grateful for a dry tent at night especially during a torrential rainstorm.
  5. Look after your feet! Bring blister plasters, dry socks, and wear walking boots. For goodness' sake walk your boots in!
  6. We cannot reiterate enough that you need to take care of yourself, bring enough snacks, water, sun-cream/a hat on shift. No one wants sunstroke, it ruins the experience.
  7. Your phone will die, bring back-up in the form of an alarm clock or second phone so should your phone alarm fail you’re covered. We don’t want to shake your tent to wake you up when you’re late for shift. Trust us.
  8. Bring a mallet/hammer! Sometimes the ground is hard and there’s no guarantee anyone else will bring one.
  9. Take as many power banks as possible- you can buy small cheap ones, they may only charge your phone a limited amount each time but you can buy multiple ones and charge them at home before you leave. It is also less likely that anyone would else would want to take these.
  10. Most festivalgoers appear in social media scantily clad. This is not always the case, bring layers, when the sun goes down the temperate drops. You don’t want to end up sleeping in your uniform because you’re cold.


And finally, if you’re working with us at an event or festival, remember you are there to do a job. As long as the job is done, have as much fun as you want!

Part II to follow...

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I wanted to send a personal message of thanks to you and your team for all their hard work in assisting with the delivery of the broadcast recording at Whitby Abbey. 

From my perspective, I tried incredibly hard to impress on everyone involved in the production just how important it was to ‘leave no trace’ and I have been thrilled to hear the feedback that has suggested we were largely successful in that quest.  The way the venue was kept spotless and ‘sanitised’ is a credit to you and your on-site colleagues – so well done.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with DC Site Services again and both Frankie and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

Dick Tee
EnTEEtainment Ltd