When to arrive onsite at an event or festival!

Posted on Thursday, March 7, 2024

We love punctuality, but arriving too early can sometimes prove as big an issue as arriving late.

Let’s face it, arriving fashionably late isn’t fashionable at all, it’s frustrating at best and a pain in the backside for any Job Lead to deal with the rest of the time, but what about arriving too early? While you might like to beat the crowds or arrive before the rest of the crew when there’s still plenty of time to choose the best pitch, there are other aspects to consider…

  • Food provisions will not be available until you start your first shift.
  • Security may body tackle you if you’re there before authorised personnel are expected.
  • The client may only have authorisation for so many people onsite that day.
  • Most importantly, your welfare cannot be guaranteed if you arrive before the manager has had the opportunity to scope out where the water pumps and electrical hookups are etc.

The information we send out pre-event will always advise of arrivals times, but the best option if you’d like to arrive early for whatever reason (you’re working back-to-back events and need somewhere to be in-between etc.) is as always to contact the office. We can check when our managers will be onsite and if it is safe for you to arrive early, though you should be prepared to bring some food provisions with you! If you’d like to continue the conversation, just get in contact with the office.

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Just a quick note to say thank you for sending a great team on site last week. Under terrible conditions over the weekend they did a fantastic job.

Maggie Swain
Castle Media