Paid Briefings at Camping Events!

Posted on Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Briefings not only introduce you to the Project Manager for the event, it's also where you find out vital information such as where the water points are, how to book in/out of a shift and where to claim meal vouchers, etc. It's where we run through H&S rules and most importantly, it's where you're provided with instructions on the job you're there to do.

We appreciate, however, that this often requires you to arrive the night before your first shift is due to begin. We at DC Site Services value your time, so we are committing to paid briefings at all camping events moving forwards!

Let’s get going!

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We have loved working with you all this year and as I have mentioned Joanne and her team have been a real asset to our concerts. If there is anyway we could have her back next year – that would be amazing!

Lisa Ward, Revival Productions
Classic Ibiza