How to pick the best camping spot

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2022

This is the first trial when arriving at an event or festival. Where do I put down my home for the next couple of days? Where should I avoid camping? Follow this advice to pick the best camping spot.

  • Don’t camp at the bottom of a hill – otherwise you may get swept up in a mini-tsunami should the heavens open.
  • Don’t camp near rowdy groups if you want to get some good quality kip in.
  • Make sure that the ground is even and not lumpy; sleeping is awkward if you’ve got a lump sticking in your back.
  • Never camp downwind of the toilets unless you are nose blind. Avoid camping too far away from the toilets in case you need to make a mad dash in the darkness to use the loo.
  • Aim for a spot away from walkways or paths as you are less likely to be woken up by early or late risers.
  • If you’re working a night shift, try to camp under the cover of trees as they block out daylight and provide cooler sleeping conditions during the daytime.
  • Customise your tent with glow sticks so you can easily find you way back to your own tent.
  • Camp with people on the same shift as you – this means that people returning to the campsite for their breaks won’t wake you up!
  • Practise putting up and packing your tent away at home.


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