Planning for all eventualities!

Posted on Monday, June 14, 2021

As you may be aware, this evening we will be waiting to hear the Government’s latest decision with regards to lockdown restrictions and when we can expect these to be lifted.

Like everyone else, we were anticipating and hoping that the roadmap out of lockdown would go ahead as planned, with the goal of exiting on June 21st. We have, however, been planning and preparing for a different outcome should this be delayed for whatever reason.

Regardless of what this evening’s announcement will entail, it is important to remember that though we may have to swap up our event calendar, we will have an event calendar this year. Outdoor events should go ahead, even if the audience capacity is in question.

We will be in conversation with clients and will update you as and when changes occur. Do not be disheartened, and don’t put those wellies away just yet!

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A beautiful show, with everything in the right place and running as it should, thank you all very very much indeed.

Harmony Blake, Leeds and Latitude Festival Deputy Licensee
Festival Republic