Results of the 2019 Staff Survey

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020

In December we released the staff survey which a good number of you kindly took the time to complete. We’d now like to share the results with you, and some of the changes which will take place in due course because of these findings. For an overall summary this can be viewed here, however we’d like to touch on a few of your responses in detail!

We were especially pleased that 89% of those who completed the survey would be happy to recommend DC to a friend, and a huge 90% of you said you would return to work with DC Site Services again (we’ll hold you to that!)

It was interesting to see what it is that attracted you to working with DC in the first place, and the author of the DC news items and letters was particularly pleased that 40% of you use the newsletters as a way to stay engaged with DC via social media.   

The most useful part of the survey is of course your comments. Because of these, we’ll be providing:

  • More shift information in advance, so you know exactly what it is you stand to earn before applying
  • More charging points/docks onsite at festivals for your phones
  • We’re now separating the jobs out on DCSS PAAM, so you can apply for your preferred role
  • Every event will now have a water barrel with a tap allowing easy refill of your reusable water bottle
  • Improved viewing of DCSS PAAM on your mobile phone (coming soon)
  • Enhanced search features when searching for work on DCSS PAAM & the website (coming soon)

A  good number of you (85%) have said that you’d be interested in a DC app to help manage your applications, so this is something we hope to have in the pipelines over the next year or so also.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, and one last congratulations to the winners who received their Amazon vouchers.

Here are just a few of our favourite comments…

“I like to see green fields go back to the way they were after a festival”

Lorraine Cocker


“All is awesome, one of the best companies I’ve worked for. Sad to leave at the end of season.”

–  Dave Cornbill


“Best memory is enjoying the music, laughing with crew. Helping public… worst memory, leaving”

Eleanor Tomlin


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Always contactable, professional, keen to help with a joyful attitude

Sean Mcloughlin
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