Happy Event Calendar Launch Day!

Posted on Friday, January 31, 2020

Applications now open…

We’re pleased to say that the 2020 Event Calendar is now open! For those eager to begin to plan out their summer, hit the drop-down arrows next to each month to take a gander at what’s on the agenda thus far. And while there is a lot to consider and potentially apply for, do be aware that a second wave of Events & Festivals will be added to the schedule on the 28th of February.


Some of your faves…

  • The Windsor Horse Show
  • Pub in the Park
  • Let’s Rock
  • Glastonbudget
  • Suffolk Show
  • Taste of London
  • Henley Festival
  • Kew the music
  • Beatherder
  • Focus
  • Classic Ibiza
  • The Big Feastival
  • Latitude Festival
  • Leeds Festival
  • Reading Festival
  • Electric Picnic… AND A WHOLE BUNCH MORE

The second wave…

  • New opportunities, yet to be announced! Shhhh….

No more deposits & unapproving ALL DCSS PAAM profiles…

Some big changes are on the horizon and a few have already taken place. You’ll notice that when you apply there are no deposits this season with the exception of Glastonbury Festival which will still hold a £320 deposit (applications for Glastonbury will open the 12th February). As we’ve done away with these security bonds, and as a way to wheedle through the mass of applications which will quickly filter through, all DCSS PAAM profiles will be automatically unapproved before you start to apply. In a nutshell, this means we’ll be checking every detail on your profile before your application is considered. This is to ensure that your entitlement documents are still current and not expired, that everyone has a lovely profile pic and that we have your essential contact details.

When you’ll be assigned…

Though you’ll be able to apply from today, we won’t assign crew into positions until week commencing 2nd March to give everyone a chance to review their options and to get their applications in. Again, we’ll be pre-approving all DCSS PAAM profiles so if your profile is up to date, this will shuffle further up the list of people to be assigned.

Attendance checks & cancellation periods…

While we’ll still be utilising the acknowledge feature for all Events & Festivals (the attendance check), this will now be two weeks before the event is due to take place. You’ll receive an email requesting that you acknowledge your position as a handy reminder, rather than an angry call from the Team Leader on the day because this one slipped from your mind. You’ll be given 48 hours to do this before the position is offered to the next person on the list. (Don’t worry, we’ll give you a call if you’re busy at another festival and unable to check your emails.)

In line with this attendance check, we’ve now reduced the cancellation period from 20 days to 14, giving you a little more breathing room should your circumstances suddenly change.

DCSS PAAM Looking a little different…

We’ll gradually be rolling out updates for DCSS PAAM and the website, but you’ll notice a few changes already such as the pretty new login page and how the Events & Festivals are listed on DCSS PAAM.

Each Event & Festival added to PAAM will now be separated by roles, so if you’re keen to be on the car-parking team instead of the waste management team for Glastonbudget, for example, you can apply for exactly that. The dates will also be the exact dates that each particular team is working, so you’ll know what money you stand to earn prior to applying (pre & post-show work will still be available).

Paid work only…

Final reminder, DCSS PAAM Volunteers will soon become a thing of the past and we’ll be offering paid work only. So, if you have a Volunteer DCSS PAAM account only, make sure to jump ship sooner rather than later and create your paid DCSS PAAM profile!

We’re excited to get back at it, if you are too then get applying to be a part of it!

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DC Site Services were appointed to manage the running of the public car park for the Aegon Open Nottingham, international tennis event. Due to the nature of the event, most vehicles arrive and depart within a short window of time at the start and end of each day’s play. DC Site Services ran a smooth operation, with their knowledge and expertise in this area and were effective in managing the vehicle flow as well as the wear and tear of the field on which the cars were parking, to ensure the delivery on day 1 was as good as the delivery on day 9.  This improvement was also recognised by our customers who referenced this specifically when asked in a survey how the event had improved compared with previous years, quoting “parking was easier”, “there were no queues to park this year”, “parking was more organised”, “car park problems from last year sorted”.

Rebecca James - Tournament Director