Goodbye to Deposits!

Posted on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

DC has always implemented a deposit system, acting as a security bond and returned to you once your assignments are completed (standard practice for most Event & Festival Contractors). We’re continuously looking at how it is we operate as a company, and how it is we can improve upon our methods with one ultimate goal in mind: making Events & Festivals accessible to all.

We believe that these deposits, particularly the smaller ones, have become a stumbling block when it comes to applying for work, especially if you’re new to DC Site Services. While a deposit may still be necessary for the bigger festivals we service (Latitude, Leeds, Reading, Glastonbury etc.) we believe that a removal of all deposits for smaller Events and Festivals is the way forward.

This season, you’ll notice that mostly all deposits have been removed! So, if you’ve received our newsletters in the past but have always been put off by having to pay to work, this will no longer be the case. As a knock-on affect, Ongoing Employment will also become a thing of the past.

It’s also the time of year where we review our business objectives, and while striving to continuously develop our practices, it has become clear that volunteering no longer fits within the services we offer. Therefore, DC will now only offer paid work. So, if you currently only have a DCSS Volunteer PAAM account, hop on over to regular DCSS PAAM to make the switch today.  

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DC Site Services were appointed to manage the running of the public car park for the Aegon Open Nottingham, international tennis event. Due to the nature of the event, most vehicles arrive and depart within a short window of time at the start and end of each day’s play. DC Site Services ran a smooth operation, with their knowledge and expertise in this area and were effective in managing the vehicle flow as well as the wear and tear of the field on which the cars were parking, to ensure the delivery on day 1 was as good as the delivery on day 9.  This improvement was also recognised by our customers who referenced this specifically when asked in a survey how the event had improved compared with previous years, quoting “parking was easier”, “there were no queues to park this year”, “parking was more organised”, “car park problems from last year sorted”.

Rebecca James - Tournament Director