DC Site Services Photo Competition!

Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2019 was a big year for DC after servicing over x185 Event & Festivals! We’re in the process of updating our website galleries but would love to include some photos from you, the DC crew.

We’ll therefore from today be opening the DC Photo Competition which we hope to make an annual occurrence.




  • These need to be good quality photos (no thumbs half covering the lens etc.)
  • Fun, but still work-based (so not while off-shift, raving)
  • These would be used for social media, the company website and for marketing purposes, please bear this in mind when sending in your pics
  • Appropriate! While we’re sure you’ve taken some fab photos over the past season, please make sure that your mate Dave isn’t photo-bombing you, mooning you or throwing up a gang sign in the background. We all have that friend
  • Feel free to use filters, Photoshop, anything to make it stand out from the rest
  • Send in as many photos as you like!

With a closing date of Friday, the 21st February, we’ll use a Facebook poll using the top five photos we like the most, allowing you to pick your favourite photographer and announcing the winner on the 26th of February, so plenty of time to get those pics sent in. The winner of the competition will be sent a £25 Amazon voucher!

For now, you can submit your photo by emailing with “DC Photo Competition” in the subject line, however we will also be updating our systems to allow you to upload these photos directly to us. We’ll keep you posted on developments!

Finally, carrying on in this vein and as we move into the 2020 festival season, we’re looking for someone who enjoys taking pictures, not necessarily as a profession but perhaps as a hobby to join us this year to help document the season on our behalf. If this is something that you’d be interested in, simply email the above admin address to throw your hat in the ring!

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing the evidence of all your hard work from last year!  

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May I also add, particularly to you Ed, a massive thanks for the work you and the DC team put into this event. The waste management and clean-up went fantastically well on the night, and I am very grateful to you for the work you put into ensuring we had the right level of provision. In particular, can I pass on my personal praise to Dylan and the rest of the team on the night, they were simply amazing, they kept going at a ferocious pace throughout the night and did not let up even right at the end. Their professionalism and energy are the main reason that we, and the College staff here at St Hugh's, were so happy the next morning with how the site looked, almost back to normal. I will be sure to recommend DC highly to future Balls, especially St Hugh's.

Harrison Engler
St Hugh’s Ball