New Events & Festivals Added to DCSS PAAM & DC @ Arcadia!

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that a number new Events & Festivals have recently been added to the Event Schedule. This includes…

Remember, when you apply you can click the blue “Info” button on DCSS PAAM to find out more about the event before making an application. No one wants to mistakenly apply to work at a rave which turns out to an antiquing show.

But before all of that we have Arcadia which is just around the corner. We are managing all the waste onsite and have worked very closely with the event to reduce the amount of waste generated by implementing the following measures:

  • Re-useable bar cups
  • All food to be served in compostable containers
  • Reducing the amount of single use water bottles on site

Lastly, please join is in wishing Happy Birthday to this Disney princess, Julian. He insisted on that balloon.

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Many thanks for the hard work of DC Site Services at our summer shows in 2011.

Simon Flanagan, Operations Director
Brand Events UK