2015 Event and Festival Season Roundup

Posted on Monday, September 14, 2015

2015 Event and Festival Season Roundup

This season has been one of the busiest to date for DC Site Services. We've been working on a program of expansion throughout 2015 which has yielded very positive results - nearly doubling the number of events and festivals we serviced in 2015 compared to previous seasons.

In 2015 working with over 100 events with a total of 1.5 million visitors we've provided:

  • Waste and Cleaning services to 44 events
  • Traffic Management and Car Parking services to 26 events
  • Stewarding and Crew to 27 events

We'd like to send out a special thank you to our regular suppliers including Grundon Waste Management, Winner Events, the McGrath Group, Dunmow Waste Management and Symbiotic Solutions who have all continued to support us throughout the 2015 season. As ever your diligence and commitment to DC Site Services has enabled us to continue to meet our clients' needs.

We've been delighted to work with a wide range of new clients in 2015 including Boomtown Fair, V Festival, Mutiny Festival, Oxford College Ball, 51st State, Eroica Britannia, Crick Boat Show, Virgo Festival, Dog's Trust, Live at Chelsea, Keswick Mountain Festival, The Luna Cinema, Churchill Retirement Living, Farewell Border Garrison, Wild Life Festival, Born & Bred Festival, Wallingford Festival of Cycling, Henley Regatta, and Haringey @ 50.

We were especially excited to provide Waste Management services at Boomtown Fair this year. Boomtown Fair has a long history of audience participation in the running of the event and attracts thousands of volunteers each year who help out across the festival. We worked closely with Boomtown Fair to manage their waste and recycling utilising a primarily voluntary workforce. This proved to be a rewarding challenge and the combination of our experience with waste and volunteer management resulted in a successful event for DC Site Services and Boomtown Fair.

Another unexpected but much welcomed contract awarded to DC Site Services in 2015 was V Festival Chelmsford. We provided the litter collection, cleaning, recycling and waste management for V. Special thanks are owed to the volunteers from the Rotary Club and Ethical Festival for their tent salvage teams, and to Symbiotic Solutions and Dunmow who worked with us to clear the campsites quickly despite the poor weather conditions.

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I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you, and your teams, for the role you played in making the events happen this year, for the Nottingham Open or Nottingham Trophy, or both!

Rebecca James - Tournament Director
LTA Nottingham Tennis