The 2014 DC Site Services event job applications open on Friday!

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

DC Site Services Traffic Management Staff parking the Glastonbury Festival campervans

The eagle-eyed may have noticed we've been busy adding many of the 2014 events and festivals we'll be working with to the website's event calendar and DCSS PAAM!

Please don't rush off to apply just yet though as we're not quite ready to start accepting 2014 job applications - we're just getting everything setup. This is why many of the events in DCSS PAAM are showing as opening soon.

The plan is we'll be opening at midday on Friday 14th March!

If you've already got a DCSS PAAM account then you'll be the first to know as we'll be emailing everyone in DCSS PAAM as soon as we're open.

If you've not yet setup a DCSS PAAM account it's a quick and easy process to sign-up to DCSS PAAM.

We'll also let everyone know via our website's news, newsletter, RSS and social feeds so to be kept up to date please make sure you've subscribed to our newsletter and RSS, and joined us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

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DC Site Services deal with the waste management and cleaning requirements of our event from start to finish and always treat our event with the professionalism, care and attention we expect. We'd happily recommend DC Site to anyone.

Robbie Thomson, HTB