Preparing for 2014 event and festival job applications

Posted on Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DC Site Services litter staff working in the 2013 Y Not Festival arena

We're now very close to the line-up of 2014 events and festivals DC Site Services will be working with this season being added to DCSS PAAM and the website's event calendar!

Once the 2014 events have been added you'll be able to log in and apply for 2014 event jobs via DCSS PAAM. We would like to send out one last (promise!) friendly reminder that to better your chances of being offered event work please make sure your DCSS PAAM profile is up to date and that there is no missing information or files.

As usual our event calendar will continue to be updated as the season progresses, so be sure to check either your DCSS PAAM account or the website's event calendar regularly for updates. When new events are added you may find that there is an event or festival which you would like to work at that conflicts with a job you've already been assigned to. If this is the case we would ask that you contact admin to discuss the possibility of switching events.

Please note that if you are applying to work at an event or festival with a friend you need to write the name of your friend and the event or festival you wish to work at with them in the Additional Details field of your DCSS PAAM profile. Your friend will need to do the same. We are unable to guarantee that you will be placed together, but we do endeavour to make your experience with DC Site Services an enjoyable one and we will do what we can to accommodate your requests.

As noted in our recent posts there is a change to the way positions will be offered via DCSS PAAM in 2014. Once you have applied to work at an event with DC Site Services the event will show as Application Received on the overview screen of your DCSS PAAM account. Please be advised that this does not mean you have been assigned a job at an event. If your application has been successful you will see a Confirm Position button similar to the below which you will need to click in order to confirm your acceptance of the job offer.


By clicking the new Confirm Position button you are confirming to DC Site Services that you are fully aware that you have been assigned a job and as per our Terms and Conditions you will arrive in accordance with the information we post in the Event Info section of DCSS PAAM for that particular event or festival.  If at any point this is unclear, please contact admin for clarification.

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I just wanted to send out a big thank you to you and your team for all the work you and the team put into helping make the traffic and transport operation work so well this year.

As it was a pleasure having DC site services as part of our team. I think the GFEL team of contractors is the envy of a lot of events in the way we all support each other and it was noted by some observers that stated the following :- 

"simply put, GFEL’s off-site traffic management plan was delivered and managed in a totally consistent and defensible manner that sought to promote good practice, collaboration and road safety to the benefit of all road users."

The DC are big part of that delivery and should take some of the credit for that delivery.

Steve Russell-Yarde, Off-site Traffic Manager
Glastonbury Festival