Questions about working with DC Site Services at events and festivals in 2014

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014

DC Site Services Traffic Management Staff working at the 2013 Glastonbury Festival

We've received a fantastic response to the opening of our 2014 event and festival applications so a huge thank you to everyone who has applied so far - we're looking forward to another great year working with you all!

Many of you have been asking how long our applications will remain open - applications will remain open for the next month or so at the very least. We tend to close each application a couple of weeks before each event and only close earlier than this if all spaces are taken. So don’t panic, although remember the sooner you apply then the better your chances of being offered a position!

For those enquiring about arrival dates for events; as a rule we list the maximum dates you could need to be at the events with us (the beginning to the end of an event). However, the precise arrival dates will depend on the team you are assigned to. As an event approaches we'll publish an information pack for each individual team which will outline the job role, everything you will need to know, and the arrival times for your team. Should circumstances arise and you find that you are unable to arrive on the day requested you will need to contact admin straight away.

To assist with some of the questions we have been receiving, we are reviewing the FAQ section of our website and will be updating this soon! Be sure to keep an eye out for this and any further notifications and updates. We've already updated DCSS PAAM so that once you've been assigned a position you'll be able to read the information provided for the positions in the event info section.

Lastly, with the beginning of a new event season comes the inevitable spring-clean of all DCSS PAAM profiles. We would like to remind you that having a complete profile will only better your chances of being assigned a role. The eagle-eyed may have noticed that your entitlement to work in the UK documents may have expired. If this is the case, those documents will need to be updated. Please check that all relevant files in your DCSS PAAM profile are up to date and uploaded new copies if required.

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DC Site Services is continually on hand throughout the development and planning of any Festival working with the Site Management team to ensure a successful and efficient delivery of the waste management!

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