Coming up this June for DC Site Services…

Posted on 24 May 2024

DC Site Services has a busy month ahead with a number of events taking place such as D-Day, Polo in the Park, Rothesay Nottingham and Build it Bicester, not to mention the kick-off of the Classic Ibiza and Let’s Rock tours. And as if that wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, all these shows are punctuated by two of our larger events, the Taste of London taking place at Regent’s Park on the 12th of June to the 18th, followed by an obscure event no one’s really heard of at the end of the month, Glas ... read more

Henley Festival – Traffic!

Posted on 13 May 2024

Henley festival is known for its exclusivity, vibrant mixture of music and delicious food and is one of the few festivals with a black-tie dress code for its attendees!  To help maintain the smooth running of this festival, DC Site Services will be providing traffic management services. Dates: 8th – 16th July Shifts: Mixture of early and late shifts, at least 8-hours with a break Camping & food: Yes We have a few spots left, so if you’d like to join the team simply log into your DCSS PAAM pr ... read more

Coming up for DC Site Services this May!

Posted on 26 Apr 2024

With May comes the gaining momentum to DC Site Services’ festival season with the first few big events cropping up. Namely, the Royal Windsor Horse Show! This annual horse show has been held since 1943 and is the only place in the UK to host international competition for dressage, carriage driving, show jumping and endurance riding. What is DC Site Services role in this event? To ensure a safe, tidy environment for all. We’ll be onsite, providing waste management, cleaning and toilet attending s ... read more

D-Day 80th Anniversary - work available!

Posted on 18 Apr 2024

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings, more commonly known as D-Day. Eighty years ago this June, tens of thousands of soldiers crossed the channel to liberate an occupied France. To commemorate this anniversary, the UK and WW2 allies will come together in Portsmouth to remember those who were a part of it. To help maintain a happy, safe environment, DC Site Services is pleased to be involved by providing waste management, cleaning, and toilet attendant services. To be a p ... read more

Useful hints & tips for the season ahead!

Posted on 11 Apr 2024

We’re several small events into the season, fast approaching the point where it really kicks off and we’re working back-to-back festivals. If you haven’t logged into your DCSS PAAM profile since receiving the notification mail that you have been assigned to work, we recommend doing so. Do you know what team you’re on yet? Working days or nights? Your profile will tell you! If you’re new to DC Site Services or the festival industry in general, below are some helpful (essential!) hints and tips fo ... read more

Work available at Formula 1!

Posted on 03 Apr 2024

The British Formula One Grand Prix returns to Silverstone for another round of action-packed racing and with it, DC Site Services to provide waste management services. This event includes high-energy days with heart-pounding races followed by not-to-be-missed performances from acts such as Kings of Leon and Stormzy at night! Camping onsite is a must, even if you’re local, and food will be provided. For more information you can click here, and if you’d like to work this event than simply apply th ... read more

Send in your requests!

Posted on 07 Mar 2024

Whether it’s a caravan or campervan, a group of mates wanting to work together or a request to leave a day early or arrive a day late, the time to make these requests is NOW. If you rock up to a festival site hoping to run this request by the Manager, you run the risk of disappointment or worst-case scenario, being turned away from the site. From the above, the one request you must make without fail is whether or not you may bring a live-in vehicle. We appreciate that when working away from home ... read more

When to arrive onsite at an event or festival!

Posted on 07 Mar 2024

We love punctuality, but arriving too early can sometimes prove as big an issue as arriving late. Let’s face it, arriving fashionably late isn’t fashionable at all, it’s frustrating at best and a pain in the backside for any Job Lead to deal with the rest of the time, but what about arriving too early? While you might like to beat the crowds or arrive before the rest of the crew when there’s still plenty of time to choose the best pitch, there are other aspects to consider… Food provisions will ... read more

Glastonbury Festival, Leeds Festival & More!

Posted on 01 Mar 2024

It’s finally time! You can now make your application to work at Glastonbury Festival 2024. We won’t bore you by repeating ourselves, so for a brief guideline of how to better your chances of being assigned just click here. Remember, we won’t start accepting Glastonbury applications until week commencing 18th March. The savvy among you may also have spotted a few more new additions to the calendar in the form of Leeds festival, Formula 1, and Polo in the Park. Applications are open, and as always ... read more

Welcome to the team, Joel!

Posted on 20 Feb 2024

Please join us in welcoming Joel Welford to the Operations Team as our new fulltime Project Manager. No stranger to the event & festival industry, Joel was introduced to DC Site Services two years ago and obviously just could not resist our charm as he promptly upped sticks to join us in good ol’ Peterborough. While he brings his own experience to the team, he is also looking to draw on the expertise and knowledge of our seasoned crew, so, if you see him onsite, give him a warm welcome! ... read more